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This week’s agenda: Manifesting with the new moon in Sagittarius

This week’s agenda: Manifesting with the new moon in Sagittarius

December has barely begun and not only will Mercury retrograde dip out on the sixth, we also have a new moon to look forward to on the seventh. Yay!

It’s the start of a new moon cycle, baby!

New moons signify new beginnings, or at the very least new opportunities to set some wishes into motion. Australian astrologer Yasmine Boland shares her new moon rituals whenever this astrological event comes around, and there’s a fresh twist every time depending on the sign where the new moon falls. For Friday, it’ll be a new moon in Sagittarius, which will add some optimism to your manifestation—and a positive mindset always helps.

Astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo also has a simple New Moon wishing ritual that will have you dealing with what may be uncomfortable first so that you can zero in on what you really want to manifest:

1. Take nine full breaths. Allow yourself to be uncomfortable, restless, or anything else.

2. Ask yourself what you want. 

Sit with that desire, and unpack it a bit. 

Is your fantasy based on a fantasy self? (spoiler alert: if it is, then it’s a fantasy desire and won’t bring you real happiness). 

Does your desire make sense within the life that you have now? 

Can you take steps, no matter how small, to make room for your desire?

3. Commit to spending a couple minutes every morning revisiting your desire. Sit with it, feel into it, and reinforce your desire with the simple act of bringing energy and attention to it. Do this every day until December 22nd, when the Moon is next full.

New moon wishes don’t always have to be big ticket items. Sidebar: I once heard someone brag about their pastor praying for each person in their congregation to own a car, and that really took me out. If you really want to own a car, shouldn’t you just work then scrimp and save money (or take out a bank loan) until you have enough cash to buy one? Also, it’s such a short-sighted vision, because spending money on a car doesn’t end with the purchase. There’s gas, parking space, maintenance, and so many other regular fees to pay for during the car’s lifetime. Oh yeah, and there’s traffic too. It’s such a waste of prayer that could have been allotted to more important things, like social justice and world peace. (That pastor later on prayed for a parking area for their church, because people were turning the shoulder space along the highway as a parking lot every weekend. What a dumb dumb. He should have prayed for a church location that’s accessible to everyone through public utility vehicles in the first place.)

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Anyway. A wish can be as internal as getting over something (a person, a situation, a thought or behavior pattern that no longer serves you) and be equally important. It can be more about inner shifts, about finding clarity and contentment. This kind of wish might be the best bet to make on Friday, because while Sagittarius adds that hopeful magic to the new moon, this astrological event will be in a square (a.k.a. an angle of tension) to Mars (planet of action) and Neptune (planet of dreams, dissolved boundaries, and imagination), which are both transiting Pisces. While there’s a level of altruism present in both signs, the forward-looking Sagittarius squares the softer, more introspective, and slightly escapist energy of Pisces, so as tempting as it may be to take a blind leap towards something you really want, the rose-colored glasses that Neptune in Pisces has everyone wearing might have you miscalculating the distance. A little realism won’t hurt, along with the knowledge that manifestation requires work and takes time and patience; call on the hard-earned wisdom of Saturn, currently transiting its home sign Capricorn, for help on that.

This is just a really cute gif, okay?

But whatever wish you make on Friday, let it out to the universe, do your part (and do it consistently), and you might see the fruits of your mental, emotional, and physical labor in around six months, when this new moon’s corresponding full moon happens in Sagittarius’ opposite sign of Gemini. Just remember to manage your expectations.


Header image by by Linda Xu on Unsplash. GIFS via Giphy.


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